Griffin's T-shirt

griffin2griffin1Quite recently I've had an enquiry about making a T-shirt for Rugby  Club mascot - Griffin. They gave me an old T-shirt and asked to make it as close as possible to look the same as the players' ones. Every week the Griffin goes to a boy who were the best on the rugby pitch.
It was very importnat to have the original sized logo on that small T-shirt, so I fiddled a bit with it to put it on the chest of the Griffin.Adding a collar wasn't easy too, but most chalenging I found to put the sleeves in.
I had a great fun making it and I just proved myself that no job is too difficult for me.
I hope you like it.









New Studio!!!

Rabbit's dress

After years of sewing at home I finally have moved to a studio that I share with a sewing friend. Today I spend few hours there with my youngest daughter and we were making there my first ever project there. It was all very important as this was a dress for her favorite Rabbit. Fabrics and trimings were carefully selected and of course the design was chosen too. And here it is happy first customer.










Bed Linen

Our 3 year old daughter( the one on the left) drew some nice pictures and I couldn't decide what to make out of them. I fell in love with them so did have to find the way to preserve them. She kept on drawing more and more of them, when I asked what they are, she replied 'people'. How easy is that? I knew I need to put them together so for sure the item must have been big. So that's  how I came up with the idea of a bed linen. She is very proud of it and her sisters want their own bed linen too :-) Hope she will have only good dreams.

It's made out of pure white and grey cotton.









New make - Sleepover bags

 Do your  children like to pack in style? Because mine do. They always have a problem whenever need to pack up. So came up with the idea of suitcases.

Now they are taking what they need as long as they fit into a suitcase. These are also great, because when not in use you can easily fold them away to store in a wardrobe.




New collection!!! Coin purses

There is a new collection out. Small coin purses. The size is 8.5x11.5cm with a small popper as fastening. There are variety of fabrics to choose from. Have a look in the gallery. the price is £8 plus P&P




New idea!!! Hot water bottle warmer's cover with a drawing!!!

Hi there,

Just woke up in the morning and my brain was ticking, my hands was itching because I had that idea in my mind. HOTTIE COVER!!! Just perfect for Christmas for grandparents, especially when I put the drawing on it :-) So I dig out an old picture that I really love and copied a piece of it on to a cover. If you are interested in getting one drop me an email. The price now is £28 for big one and £23 for small one.