Having made my first dress completely by hand when I was just 14, I continued to develop my experience and interest in dressmaking before graduating from fashion school in Poland in 2000. I have an extensive 15 years of experience in dressmaking which I gained primarily from working for couture designers. Here I developed a skill for creating high quality, unique styles that suit women of all ages.


My clothing collections combine a classic and timeless style with comfort and minimalism. This enables me to create designs where you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to wear an elegant outfit. It can be a piece to wear during the day in the office, and later in the evening for dinner. By working together, we can develop new designs and express your personal style using only the finest of fabrics.


Quality has always been of prime importance to my products, hence the quantity will always be limited. This ensures that you can get a one-of-a-kind piece made to measure, at a competitive price. I believe that my clients deserve this luxury as a reward for their hard work, and so I strive towards ensuring that all women can look excellent, wearing clothes with a perfect fit, high quality fabrics and an expert finish. Most importantly, I enjoy collaborating with my clients to create clothes that suit you and express your style.